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August 8, 2008

Note form the General manager – August

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Welcome to our august edition of our Blog. For our avid regular readers my apologies on the delay of this months edition but I only just realised that we are well into August already!!

Killarney is so busy at the moment with lots of different events happening around the town-like the rest of Ireland we are hoping and praying that our summer weather will appear soon. But according to an article I read today there is a man living somewhere in the midlands that has promised us that the good weather is on the way because all the cows and sheep are now heading up the hills and mountains and that this is a sure sign that summer is on the way!!

Well not much has changed in the hotel since I last wrote as things have been so busy. But we decided to change around our menus from listening to comments from our guests. You may think that when you fill up a comment card in a hotel that they are just thrown away but we do actually take note of all comments and work towards making changes to try to keep you all happy. So we have introduced a new Bistro Style Ala Carte Menu that we now serve both in our Riverside Lounge and in the restaurant. This extensive menu has all of our old favourites plus some extra special specials available from 6-9pm daily.

Rosemary who runs our Rejuvenation Suite for us has some great Mid Summer Madness offers on at the moment so be sure to check her availability before you arrive to us.

There is a very exciting show coming to the INEC from the 12-24th August which is less than a five minute walk away from us. It is the ‘Le Grand Cirque’ which has been described by the New York Times & Las Vegas Press as an Enchanting Circus Performance that is ‘Breathtaking’ & ‘Beyond Belief’.  The Fiddler on the Roof is then on from the 26-30th August.

We still have a few remaining rooms left on these dates so get booking now so that you don’t miss out.

If you are travelling down to Kerry for the Rose of Tralee Festival from the 19-23 August don’t forget that we are only a ½ hour drive from Tralee so you can still enjoy the festival AND get a good nights sleep. A number of special buses run daily from Killarney.

All the Staff at the Killarney Riverside want to wish Paul, Sean & Cathal- our Olympic Hopefuls from Killarney- all the very best . Hope you will join us in cheering them on.

Hope to welcome you to the Riverside in the near future and don’t forget you can always email me on

July 10, 2008

Renew Beauty Tip of Month

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As you all know Summer is setting in (well at least that’s what it is supposed to be doing) so our top tip for the month is to moisturize! “The key to hydration is through exfoliation”-that was drummed into us at beauty school and it works! Its common sense really, what is the point of lashing on moisturizer if it’s not going anywhere. Your moisturizer needs to penetrate deep down into the skin to hydrate it, so how do I get it to do that I hear you say? The answer is simple, through exfoliation! Exfoliate twice a week before bed-time is the best. You have two choices, First a Scrub which contains granules which removes dead skin, build up of dirt and grim-good for oily/combination skin types, Second is a Peel, you have a choice of a hydrating gel or cream that gently removes the build up of dirt and grim while hydrating the skin, good for dry/sensitive skins. You will find your moisturizer will absorb into your skin much better, plus you will use LESS moisturizer! Your wallet will love you for it. I can promise you your skin will be glowing!!

Here are some great home recipes for exfoliating the face and body:

July 8, 2008

A day in the Life of ……. Bar Tender & Night Porter

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Im hitting 43 this year and have been in the hospitality sector for the past 18years. Three of those have been at the riverside hotel. And what an amazing bunch of people to work with – everyday is an experience!!

My weeks work as a barman starts on Friday. I work most weekends-it keeps me busy and away from harm (ie the social scene) 

Friday is a day of intense cleaning around the bar as we prepare for our weekend guests. Most of Friday is spent getting to know the new weekend guests & their favourite tipple. I am very much a people person so by the time Saturday comes I’d like to think that I can help people in deciding what they would like to do for the weekend around this beautiful town and its surrounding areas. There is something for everyone in Killarney-if not on a bicycle or a jaunting car then one can explore the lakes and mountains, alot of which is in walking distance from the hotel. That alone is an incentive to come to stay with us.

Friday & Saturday nights always fly by as it’s always so busy what with serving drinks and bar food.

Sunday seems to be the more relaxed of the weekend. People chill out with their Sunday papers while sipping on their drinks in the lobby

Monday & Tuesday nights I’m on my own as the Night Porter on duty-this is the time we use to catch up on cleaning duties etc. Wednesday & Thursday are my days off –time to catch up on my sleep and then its back to the weekend again.

I was born and raised in London to Killarney parents. I arrived in Killarney for the first time in 1977 just on a holiday. Our second holiday to Killarney was in 1979 and we never went back home-what a holiday!

The next time you are in Killarney call into me for a drink and a chat. Who knows you might never go home either!!

July 3, 2008

Recipe of the Month

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Serves 2:



1 egg

1 dessertspoon flour

150ml low fat milk

½ tablespoon olive oil


2 eating apples peeled, cored & chopped

2 fresh apricots

Dash of brandy

4 cloves


Toasted Sliced Almonds

Icing sugar

What you do:

Combine ingredients for Crêpe in a blender to make a smooth batter> Leave to stand at room temp. for one hour. In a saucepan, stew the apple, apricots, brandy & cloves until soft, remove the cloves and set aside.Fry the crepes in a hot non stick frying pan with a little olive oil. Fill the Crêpe with the apple mixture and garnish with dusting of icing sugar and toasted almonds. A large scoop of rich vanilla bean ice cream is a must with this dessert.


Note from the GM

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Welcome back to the July issue of our Hotel Blog. Well, June was such a busy month, the time just seems to go by so quickly as it always does at this time of the year.


We’ve just introduced our New Extensive Bar Menu which now runs daily from 12.30- 9pm – there’s something to suit everyones palate-just click on the Dining Link on the home page to view all of our menus. With Summer now truly underway I would advise you to make a reservation for our Bacchus Restaurant where you can sample the delights from both our Full Ala Carte Restaurant menu or the Bar Menu.


Our most recent news in the Hotel is that Danielle, one of our Receptionist, represented the Killarney Riverside Hotel in the Annual Lily of Killarney Competion (I suppose you could call it a Mini Version of the Rose of Tralee.) On all accounts a great night out was had by all and we were all delighted with Danielle’s success.


If you are thinking about going away for a break,  Killarney is definitely the destination for July as the annual Summerfest is now in full swing with daily events up to the 20th July. Hot Air Ballooning, Teddy Bears picnics, Street Performers, Art Exhibitions are just some of the activities – full a full listing of the events go to


Don’t forget about July’s Killarney Race Meeting running from the 14th July to 17th July-an event not to be missed for all those who enjoy the thrill and excitement of Horse Racing- it has been said the Killarney Race Course is one of the most scenic ones in Ireland 


As most of you are aware we are less than a five minute walk away from the National Events Centre and July is jam packed with different acts performing including the world famous Riverdance from July 25th-click on our Special Offers Link on our homepage for more details on our special deals for these concert dates.


That’s all for now hope to see you soon in the Killarney Riverside Hotel!!




June 11, 2008

Note from the GM

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Summer has definitely arrived in Killarney-the weather is just glorious the sun is streaming through the windows of the lobby as I am writing this. It always seems to be the same at this time of the year when the students are doing their exams.

The Riverside is busier than ever- it never fails to amaze me how every year the summer season justs hits with a bang-not that I’m complaining this is what we live for. There is no better feeling than when the hotel is busy and full of guests enjoying themselves. The hustle and bustle of a busy day is something that all of the staff thrive on-but I must admit the great weather always seems to lift the spirits of everyone anyway.


At this time of the year there are always a few new additions to the hotel- staff wise- for the summer season and this year is no exception, we have some wonderful new staff for you to meet. I am so proud of the great team the Riverside Hotel has in all departments of the hotel. One recent development in the Riverside has been that our Sous Chef Peter has recently been promoted to Head Chef. His enthusiasm and creativity knows no bounds-there are new items appearing on ours menus on a daily basis so make sure you dine with us and don’t miss out on some of his superb dishes.


Also Rosemary who runs our Rejuvenation Suite has introduced many new treatments for our guests including an ultra luxurious Caviar Facial & a Non Surgical Face Lift –I will definitely have to try these out….. all in the name of research of course!!  But perhaps I will indulge in one of her Chocolate Herbal Body Treatments instead- there is just so much to choose from but unfortunately so little time.


That’s all for now. Don’t forget that you can email me at any time at if I can be of any assistance to you.


June 9, 2008

A day in the life of..

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Hello, I am Rachel Nolan, the latest Receptionist to join the Front Desk team in the Killarney Riverside Hotel.


Six weeks ago, I located to beautiful picturesque Killarney from my home county of Wexford on the Sunny South East coast, to start my new employment in the Killarney Riverside Hotel.  Truly, the very first day I stepped into Killarney town in the Kingdom county I felt so welcomed.  The people are wonderful.


I work two different shifts throughout the week on a five day roster. Today I am on a 7-3 shift which means the alarm goes off at 5.45am and in to work for 6.55am and a bus load of Americans are there in the lobby to greet me-I don’t know how they get up so early while on holidays-Id prefer to relax and have a sleep in. First job is to get their bills ready as they will be checking out early and then prepare the bills for the rest of the guests that are checking out that day. 

Throughout the morning, I handle the busy switchboard; whether taking reservations or making sure the staying guest’s needs are all meet. Once all of our guests have checked out its time for lunch and a break away from the desk to stretch the legs and clear my head. After lunch its time to start organising the arrivals for today-cutting key cards and checking that everything is in order for their arrival. Today we have a mixture of guests arriving to us- one tour of Germans and the remainder are all privates-and what a mix of guests they are. Just a short while ago I was surrounded by a crowd of leather clad bikers –down to Killarney for the Annual international bike rally- normally I might be a bit nervous if I came across a gang like this but having had a chat with them on check in I found out that they come from all walks of life-solicitors, bankers, teachers, accountants etc all with one thing in common their lust for the open road and their fabulous bikes!!


My day at work is quickly over –as they say time flies when your having fun. And its off out touring for the afternoon- Ive been in Killarney for six weeks now and every day I hop on my bike and explore another bit of the beautiful surroundings that are all so close to the hotel- the people of Killarney just don’t know how spoilt they are they take it all for granted. There is just so much to choose from-the National Park and gardens, Muckross House, Torc waterfall, the Lakes-I for one will never get bored with Killarney-I just feel sorry for our guests they couldn’t possibly get to do it all during their short stay with us but I suppose it’s a great excuse to come back again and again


June 1, 2008

Recipe of the Month

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Penne Pasta Carbonara             



Penne Pasta


Sliced Bacon

Sliced Onion

Parmesan Cheese

2 Cloves of Garlic



·         Pre-Cook pasta as normal.

·         Lightly fry onion, garlic, bacon and a knob of butter.

·         When butter is melted add cream, pasta and bring to the boil.

·         When boiling add parmesan to required thickness.


May 2, 2008

Recipe of the Month

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One of our most popular dishes from our A La Carte Menu:


Panfried Fillets Of Seabass with a Chilli & Mango Salsa

Serves 4


4 Fillets of Fresh Sea Bass

½ Lemon – squeezed

1 ripe Mango

2 med Red Chilli’s

1 Red Onion

1 Red, Yellow, Green Pepper

125ml Olive Oil

Splash of White Wine Vinegar

Salt/Black Pepper


To Make the Salsa:

Finely Dice the Peppers, Mango & Chilli’s and lightly sauté them in a heavy based pan with a drop of Olive Oil.

Add in the vinegar & simmer for a few minutes.

Add in the remaining olive oil & heat through.

Remove from the heat and leave to cool. Season to taste.


To Cook the Seabass:

Pre heat a non stick frying pan

Season the Sea Bass & drizzle with lemon juice

Place skin side down in the hot pan, cook for approximately 3 Minutes

Turn and continue cooking for another 3 minutes, until it is cooked through  - do not overcook as this will reduce flavour and texture.

Serve the Salsa.


A Day in the life of..

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Hey, my name is Gearoid Murphy, I’m 23 years, I’m a duty manager in the Killarney Riverside hotel. I’ve been working for the Irish Court group for almost six years now with a little sabbatical in between to fit in a nightclub job before realising late nights behind a bar serving people who couldn’t see their nose wasn’t exactly my calling in life, but fun times were had by all.


I’ve yo-yoed between the Killarney Riverside and the Killarney Court hotel’s a few times now, and put in some time in the Kenmare bay Hotel in Kenmare, so hopefully this is the last move across the town, I get motion sickness and it’s a lot of jumping. In my first incarnation I was the barman in the Killarney court hotel, since then I’ve gone from there to duty manager due to a mix of me being good at what I do and being given the opportunity to move hotels which suits me to the ground.

It’s great to work in a group that gives me the chance to go somewhere and move up the ladder, while still letting me know there’s always that bar job should I start to get any ego issues, so I’m hoping to hang around here for a while.


The hotels are very good to me and always have been. I have a lot of extra curricular activities that I’m involved in and the hotels are always more than accommodating. I’m involved in a lot of youth work outside of the hotel, helping to run a youth empowerment program and a drop-in centre as well as taking weekend and day drips, this added to the two nights a week I play football can cause a serious headache for Ciara Roche, the General Manager, so she’s either being really nice to me or she’s saving it all up to guilt me into something in the future, possibly repainting her house or valeting the car.


My time in the hotels so far has been great, can’t honestly say a bad word about it, had some great experiences, some funny dramas, plenty of stories, and some more than colourful characters on both sides of the reception desk. And no trip into my daily life would be complete without a mention of the magical place that run our central reservations office, the people we never see. Olive, Elma and Caroline, who could quite possible be robotic answering machines, only time will tell…………


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